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About us

Basja Chanowski

Owner / Musical director / Coach

Basja Chanowski is a professional, versatile and experienced musical director and coach who recognizes talent and professionalism the moment she sees it. She specializes in providing tailored performances, creating one-of-a-kind atmospheres for every occasion. The secret to your success is her personal and individual approach, in which she really hears your ideas and wishes.

With a background in singing, playing various instruments and acting Basja knows all the ins and outs of the worlds of music and television. She has scouted and coached several top talents for the  television shows, and has organized numerous concerts, tours and stage performances.

“If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to the best musicians in the world, playing the finest music ever written, with the most beautiful instruments ever made…How many other things are we missing as we rush through life?”

*Josh Nonnenmocher

Marijke Valkenburg

Personal Assistant

Marijke Valkenburg recently joined Più Music as Basja’s Personal Assistent.

Prior to her position as PA she worked for the police for three years; assisting detectives on an operational and administrative level.

With a bachelor in Small Business and Retail Management and NIMA (Dutch Institute For Marketing) she applies her knowledge about marketing and management to different area’s in the industry.

Rozemarijn van der Bijl

Casting & Production assistent

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